The Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coalition (MOTAC) formed in 1992 in order to strengthen tobacco prevention and control efforts in the Omaha metro area. We lead Douglas County in addressing tobacco-related issues through public policy, education and community action.


The then-Metropolitan Omaha Tobacco Awareness Coalition served most areas in Omaha and surrounding areas until Tobacco is a Drug (Cass County, 1995) and Sarpy County Tobacco Coalition (2001) were formed. Tobacco is a Drug later became Tobacco Free Cass County.

Members wanted to be known for actually doing things and later renamed the coalition MOTAC (Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coalition) the name it goes by today. MOTAC now serves only Douglas County.


Over the years MOTAC has been led by the following individuals:

  • Shelby Bingham (Current)
  • Julie Larsen
  • Lucia Rodriguez-Alvizo
  • JohnCarl Denkovich
  • Aja Anderson
  • Michael Robinson
  • Antonieta Hernandez
  • Vickie Young
  • Dr. Athena Ramos
  • Kathy Burson
  • Tim Grollmes
  • Richard Stacy
  • Cathy Shipp

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