Smoke-Free Outdoor Dining

Smoke Free Outdoor Dining Options in Omaha

Below is a list of establishments in the Omaha metro area with smoke free outdoor dining policies. Please visit these businesses and support them for their efforts to protect public health!

  • Barchen Beer Garden
  • Jackson Street Tavern
  • Le Boullion
  • Mouth of the South
  • Pitch Pizzeria- West
  • Plank Seafood Provisions
  • Ramona’s Mexican Restaurant
  • Taco Co.
  • Blatt Beer & Table

All around the country, cities are implementing smoke free outdoor dining and patio policies. Studies have shown that smoke free policies reduce exposure to secondhand smoke in outdoor settings.

Smoke free outdoor dining protect the health of employees and the public, as well as promote positive social norms about no tobacco use. Smoke free outdoor dining options can have a positive impact on community health and wellbeing.

The public supports smoke free outdoor dining options. In Nebraska, most smokers and nonsmokers believe that outdoor dining areas should be smoke free. MOTAC is working to educate the community about the benefits of smoke free outdoor dining and patios. We encourage restaurant and bar owners and managers to consider the benefits of a smoke free policy.

We’re Here to Help

If you are a restaurant or bar owner interested in implementing a smoke-free outdoor dining policy, or if you already have a policy and we haven’t included you on our list, please let us know!

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Reduce exposure to secondhand smoke for your employees and customers.

MOTAC is working to educate the community in Douglas County about the benefits of smoke-free outdoor dining, bars and service areas. We encourage restaurant and bar owners and managers to consider the benefits of a smoke-free policy.

We recognize those who adopt a smoke-free outdoor dining policy by highlighting the establishment on our social media.

If you are interested in knowing about what others have accomplished to build healthier outdoor dining and patios, please take a look at the following references:

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List of municipalities in the country with smoke-free outdoor dining and bar patio laws