Smoke-Free Housing IN DOUGLAS COUNTY

Complex NameAddressZIPPhone No.
Wyndham Villas by Broadmoor9310 Western Avenue68114(402) 391-0323
Ambassador Apartments in Dundee111 S 49th Ave68132402.880.8699
Dundee Flats22nd & Vinton Streets/4835 Dodge St 6813268105402.618.6300
The Bristol in Midtown124 North 31st Avenue68131402.613.6300
The Tiverton3304 Jackson Street68105402.618.6300
The Warren in Midtown1137 Park Avenue68105402.618.6300
Lake Candlewood Apartments1506 North 120th Street68154(402) 498-0550
Benson Lights3030 N 60th Street68104402.403.9947
New Creations Housing4460 Redman Ave68111402-504-1700
Southwest Gables8909 Q St68127(402) 331-8889
The Breakers Apartments415 Leavenworth St68102(402) 280-8785
The Corvina915 Jones Street68102402.800.1177
The Flats on Howard Apartments2211 Howard St68102402.280.9891
The Rochester Apartments1015 NORTH 14TH STREET68102402.345.0994
Applewood Pointe Apartments9510 Park Drive68127402 331-0384
30 Metro Place Apartments5319 North 30th Street68111(402) 676-9855
1010 on the Lake (Elkhorn, NE)1010 N. 192nd St.68022402.889.2352
1415 @ The Yard1415 Cuming St68102402.342.9541
1501 Jackson Apartments1501 Jackson St68102(402) 332-9017
The Himebaugh1011 S. 30th Avenue68105402.991.0761
Aspen Lofts11025 M Street68137402.331.0101
Autumn Grove Apartments5380 South 156th St68135(833) 297-0979
Aksarben Village by Broadmoor2225 S. 64th Plaza68106(402) 885-8555
Bentley by Broadmoor822 North 94th Court68114(402) 393-0420
Blossoms by Broadmoor9823 Park Drive,68127(402) 339-1110
Briarwood by Broadmoor9434 U Court68127(402) 339-1320
Broadmoor Hills by Broadmoor18510 Capitol Court68022(402) 991-0202
Crown Park by Broadmoor7930 Elm Plaza68124(402) 391-1998
Enclave by Broadmoor9910 Q Street68127(402) 331-4100
London Square by Broadmoor4917 Farnam Street68132(402) 551-2084
Loveland by Broadmoor7515 Howard Street68114(402) 391-0877
One Pacific Place by Broadmoor1365 South 101st Street68124(402) 397-0707
Spring Tree by Broadmoor3056 South 60th Street68106(402) 551-2084
The Jackson by Broadmoor605 South 37th Street68105(402) 551-2084
The Tradition by Broadmoor1250 South 157th Street68130(402) 934-9777
Thomasville by Broadmoor5820 S 99th Street68127402.331.9138
Willow Park by Broadmoor9605 Park Drive68127(402) 339-1110
Willow Park South by Broadmoor6119 South 96th Court68127(402) 339-1110
Wycliffe by Broadmoor15202 Wycliffe Drive68154(402) 333-6340
Wyndham Hill by Broadmoor9226 Burt Street68114(402) 391-0323
The Chateau at Hillsborough Apartments13260 Meredith Avenue68164402.657.1220
Chateau Hillsborough4804 North 133rd Plaza68164(402) 657-1220
City View Apartments604 S 22 ST68102(855) 812-1522
Cornerstone Lofts1105 Harney St68102402.346.0510
The Avenue Apartments2235 St. Marys Avenue68102402-342-3775
Legacy Commons Apartments17011 Wright Plaza68130(833) 200-1787
Legacy Flats Apartments2825 S 170th Plz68130402.650.8064
Legacy Flats Apartments2825 S 170th Plz68130402.650.8064
Lumberyard District5005 S 135th Street68137402.933.4323
Midtown Crossing Apts233 South 33rd St.68131402.983.8072
Montclair Village Apartment Homes3030 South 127th Court68144402.933.9313
Nichol Flats1015 N 16th St68102(402) 677-9307
The Nottingham at Gifford Park3304 Burt Street68131402.341.1019
Park 120 Oak Hills11801 S Plaza68137402-670-5305
Paterson Real Estate/Cathedral Apartments308 & 310 N. 40th St402-342-9418
Cathedral Apartments3833 Cuming St68131402-342-9418
Grand Legacy17971 OAK PLAZA68130
The Conrad3601 Jones Street68105402.403.6109
The Villas of Omaha at Butler Ridge15702 Fowler Plaza68116402.403.3880
Bristol Square3110 North 97th Street68134402-572-1576
Latvian Village Apartments3002 Paddock Rd,68124402-397-1442
The Vanderbilt Apartments11233 Decatur Plaza68154(402) 493-7300
Royalwood Apartments12554 Elm Plaza68144(402) 333-2599
St James Manor Apartments3102 North 60th Street68104(402) 333-7373
Springhill Ridge15735 Rosewood Street68136402.891.0742
Sunset Ridge Apartments & Town Homes13106 C Plz68144402.334.9191
The Colonial Apartment Homes3022 1/2 North 97th St.68134(402) 218-2508
The Highline2223 Dodge St68102402.345.1007
The Oaks at Lakeview7471 Lakeview St68127402.933.3887
The Village at Mission Pines168th Street & Harrison St
The Village at Mission Pines2806 South 187th Plaza68130(402) 289-5528
The Village on the Preserve2806 South 187th Plaza68130
The Village on the Preserve2806 South 187th Plaza68130(402) 289-5528
The Wire100 S. 19th Street68102402.345.0993.
Travers Row Houses2611 St Marys Ave68105none
Urban Village Park Ave.804 Park Avenue (Multiple Midtown Locations)68105402.505.6040
The Ten on Jackson603 S. 35th Ave68105(402) 505-6040
The Art Decos846 Park Ave68105(402) 505-6040
The Barnard Flats804 Park Avenue68105(402) 505-6040
The Field Club814 S 38th St.68105(402) 505-6040
The Green Lodge3503 Jones Street68105(402) 505-6040
The Harney3009 Harney St68131(402) 505-6040
The Henry1017 So. 31st Street68105(402) 505-6040
The Jackson3007 Jackson Street68105(402) 505-6040
The Kimberly102 N 34th Street68131(402) 505-6040
The Lofts on Harney3005 Harney Street68131(402) 505-6040
The Madison515 S. 31st Street68105(402) 505-6040
The Melrose602 North 33rd Street68137(402) 505-6040
The Park Terrace315 N 34th Street68131(402) 505-6040
The Selma628 Park Avenue68105(402) 505-6040
The Shuttle3325 California Street68131(402) 505-6040
The Slip In511 S. 31st Street68105(402) 505-6040
The State528 So. 29th Street68105(402) 505-6040
The Terrace on Jackson601 S. 31st Avenue68105(402) 505-6040
The Triangle720 South 30th Street68105(402) 505-6040
The Unitah2934 Leavenworth Street68105(402) 505-6040
Westport on the Lake Apts14707 F Street68137402.895.3221
ZAG Apartments5110 Mayberry Street68106402.509.8942
Apple Creek Apartments14040 Dorcas Plaza68144402-334-5221
Ramada Plaza Omaha3321 S. 72nd st. Omaha Ne68124402-547-5604
Sandra Apartments415 S 38th Ave.68131(402) 393-6306
Greenfield Apartments15909 W. Dodge Road68118402-227-1538
Cimarron Hills9670 Berry Plaza, Omaha, NE 6812768127(402) 227-1539
Community Alliance4001 Leavenworth St., Omaha68105402-341-5128
Dundee Flats22nd & Vinton Streets68105402.618.6300
The Ballard1901 Park Avenue68105402-618-6300
The Barrington1136 S. 29th Street68105402-618-6300
The Belmont1016-1026 Park Avenue68105402-618-6300
The Benton534 Park Ave68105402-618-6300
The Bristol124 N. 41 Avenue402-618-6300
The Cottages22nd & Vinton68108(402) 618-6300
The Coventry1138 S. 29th Steet68105402-618-6300
The Exeter1306-1308 Park Avenue68105402-618-6300
The Newport1148 Park Ave68105402-618-6300
The Portsmouth1133 Park Ave, Omaha68105(402) 618-6300
The Providence1126 S. 29th Street402-618-6300
The Village3057 S. 41st Street402-618-6300
The Westerly1325 S. 30th Avenue(402) 618-6300
Heartland Family Service NE Family Works4847 Sahler St., Omaha68104402-342-9555
Whispering Ridge Apartments17551 Pinkney St402-263-2065
LISA CIRCLE APARTMENTS, OMAHA12135 Lisa Cir, Omaha, NE 68137
Millard Place4859 S. 132nd Ave68137(402) 397-8700
Mill Pointe Apartments810 N 107th Avenue68114402-397-7775
Yale Park Apartments3341 Lake St68111402-278-4888
Cedar Heights5444 Grover St., Omaha68106402-554-0449
Highclere105 Landmark Dr, Council Bluffs, IA51503712-256-1000
Parkwood Manor11014 Lamp St., Omaha68154402-333-1112
South Park Apartments5009 A St., Omaha68106402-558-5886
CUE2110 S. 64th Ave, Omaha, NE68106402-715-5863
Four Seasons5068 Grover St., Omaha68106402-558-9099
Pacific Gardens7616 Pierce St, Omaha68124402-391-7217
Peony Village Apartments8215 Burt Plaza68114402-884-2081
Pinhook Flats/Aksarben Village6440 Cedar Plaza, Omaha, NE68106402-715-5863
Shadow Lake Square7451 Shadow Lake Plaza, Papillion, NE68046402-916-4137
Villa Vinee Apartments7722 Howard St, Omaha68114402-393-1668
Harney Court Apartments2464 Harney St68131(402) 281-3575
Grove Hill5101 Grover St, Omaha, NE 68106(402) 551-9494
BlackStone Apartments620 S 38th St, Omaha, NE 68105(402) 551-9494
Grover Castle Apartments3420 South 50th Street, Omaha, NE 6810668106(402) 551-9494
Wellington Park Apartments2717 North 115th Court, Omaha, NE 6816468164(402) 492-9866
Charter Oak707 North 90th Street #109, Omaha, NE 6811468114(402) 926-4389 Ext. 1
Norris Place Apartments2114 S 45th St, Omaha, NE 6810668106(402) 551-9494
Sunset Apartments8013 N 30th St, Omaha68112(317) 248-3295
Atlas Apartments2929 California Plaza 68131(402) 280-8786
La Seville Apartments1915 South 44th Street68105402 556-7979
Beverly Hills Apartments7812 Harney Street68114402 342-8100
Old Market 12131213 Jackson St68102402 342-8100
Harney Place at Midtown3327 Harney Street68131402.505.5002
Sophies Place4880 S 131st St, Omaha, NE 68137
Radcliffe Apartments3716 Dodge St, Omaha, NE 68131(402) 342-8100
Arbor Place Apartments11433 Arbor St, Omaha, NE 68144(402) 551-9494
Brick Flats 535 Apartments535 S 26th Street68105402.983.8153
Davenport Apartments3115 Davenport St, Omaha, NE 68131(402) 557-6848
Richland Park Apartments11617 Burt S68154(402) 496-4100
Sherri Park Apartments10715-10735 O St68127402-973-3607
Stephan Arms Apartments4813 Underwood Ave68132(402) 493-2211
The Pines at Q Plaza8633 Q Plaza68127(402) 331-5552
Broadmoor Hills Marquee by Broadmoor18510 Capitol Court68022(402) 991-0202
The Grand Reserve at Elkhorn Apartments3535 Piney Creek Dr.68022402.502.7565
Centre Ridge Apartment Homes2940 Paddock Plz68124402-218-1102
Tadousac Apartments418 S 38th Ave68131855-683-1276
Woodbridge Senior Village7205 N 73rd Plaza Cir, Omaha, NE 6812268122(402) 573-5555
Country Estates3930 N 105th Street68134402-493-1800
Ponderosa Pointe6320 South 72nd Street68127(402) 281-1600
5th Avenue Apartment Homes121 S. 25th St68102402.932.3645
Ponderosa Pines6709-6743 S 73 Circle St68127(866) 547-9573
Courtyard 72 Apartments1607 N. 73rd #2368114(402) 281-1007
Georgetowne2222 South 142nd Court68144402-333-2102
Woodland Pines10052 Wirt Plaza | Omaha, NE 68134(833) 879-8237
Grandridge5439 North 100th68134402-572-1000
Beebe+Runyan105 S. 9th St., OMaha68102402-512-9477
Benson Lights Apartments3030 N 60th St68104402-819-4999
Harrisburg Square Apartments9424 Holmes Plaza, Omaha, NE 68127(402) 993-4536
Park Place Apartments12115 Williams Plaza68144402.810.7549
Raintree Apartments12021 Decatur Plaza68154402.496.7479
New Towne West3316 North 102nd Plaza, Omaha68134402-782-5008
Citadel Apartments & Town Homes8500 Ohern St, Omaha68127(402) 592-5008
Country Club Village5344 S 99th St68127
Village at Miami Heights3502 Lake St68111(402) 614-0414
The Heights Apartments11766 Wakeley Plaza68154(402) 333-1220
The Junction Apartments2401 Farnam St.,68131402-951-5113
The Residences at Old MarketPlace Apartments1113 Howard St68102402-687-3775
Ontario Place Apartments7325 Ontario Street68124402-614-2850
Pacific Winds1215 Fawn Parkway Plaza68144402-334-8338
Park on Center2859 South 93rd Plaza68124402-393-9743
Eagle Run3203 N 121st Plz68164(402) 496-0600
Midtown Crossing Apartments233 S. 33rd St., Omaha68131402-934-9275
Hillsborough Pointe14441 Sprague Ct.68116402-493-8585
Concord Square2120 Paul St68102402-934-6104
The Margaret2103 N 16th St68102(402) 341-1019
SPACES Apartments501 Park Ave.68105402-262-6009
Steeplechase14949 Manderson Plaza68116(402) 932-9900
The Austin at Midtown3703 Davenport St68131402.408.9680
The Bank Apartments1920 Farnam St.68102402.346.6655
The Barker306 S. 15th St68102402-951-5111
The Nico3024 Harney Street Omaha, NE 68131402-280-8789
The Pines at Q Plaza8633 Q Plaza68127(402) 331-5552
The Slate119 North 19th Street, Omaha, NE 6810268102402-345-1530
Tip Top Lofts1524 CUMING STREET68102(402) 345-0334
Turner Park3102 & 3106 Dodge Street68131(402) 408-0005
Field Club Apartments814 S. 38th St68105402-505-6040
Westchester Apartments4857 Marshall Dr.68137402-733-9184
West Haven288 North 116th Court68154402-333-1333
Whispering Hills2510 N 109th Plaza, Omaha68164(402) 502-6555
Fredericksburg Apartments10052 Wirt Plz68134402-281-4695
Arbor Creek Apartments 345 S. 78th Street68114
Auburn Apartments417 N. 40th Street68131402-916-5144
Blackthorne Real Estate Development/ Residences at Old Marketplace11725 Arbor Street, #135, 68144/ 515 S. 12th Street68102402-884-6200
Carlanna Apartments906 S 27th St68105402 342-8100
Coloring Book Apartments1056 S 29th St68114402-393-1316
Dewey 3700 Apartments3625 Dewey Avenue68105402-991-0761
Dundee Hamilton
Dundee Towers Apartments
Forudad, LLC128 N 40th St68131402-598-6975
Lancaster Flats2552 Marcy Street68105
Lyndale Apartments1052 S 20th St68108
Maplewood Court4512 Bedford Ave68104
Marion Apartments3401 & 3403 Howard St/552 & 554 S 34th St
Newport Apartments3569 & 3671 Davenport St
Normandie1102 Park Ave68105402-559-0363
Orchard Park Apartments7805 Harney St., Omaha68114402-509-2642
Pleasant Valley1309 N 49th Ave/1031 Turner Blvd 6810568132844-234-8872
Slowdown Apartments737 N 14th Street68102402-342-8100
The Auburn417 N. 40th St68131402-916-5144
The Marshall Apartments5091-97 Marshall Drive68137402-342-8100
The Mason Apartments3070 Mason St68105
The Prague Hotel Apartments1402 S 13th Street68108
The Prague Hotel Apartments1402 S 13th Street68108
Victoria Apartments428 N. 40th St., Omaha68131402-598-6975
Williamsburg Apartments1938 S 38th Ave, Omaha68105(402) 934-4091